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TCH is the expert in fuel management.  We are committed to providing the most efficient, cost effective financial services available to the transportation industry. We strive to be the single source solution for all financing aspects of a transportation company's needs.  Whether it is with fuel cards, reporting services or any other aspect of transportation purchasing management, we have the tools that are needed.


Join the others who have become a part of TCH's rapidly expanding truckstop network. The benefits of accepting TCH Fuel Cards for payment at your location are countless. From detailed reporting to free advertising, accepting the TCH card will help drive more gallons to your location. The best part is there are no hidden fees and our rates are always just $1. That's right, the buck stops here. TCH is a smart choice that saves money. It's plain and simple.


      Immediate daily settlements processed on site.

      Electronic monthly reporting shows complete transaction detail.

      Purchases authorized through Trendar, VeriFone, or Telephone.

      Free customer service assistance 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contact our Merchant Relations department to sign up today.

It's Your Business:
The relationship you have with your customers is your business. It is not something in which a third-party billing company should be involved. TCH will never force you into discount programs or divert gallons from your location. We will, however, administer special price deals that you have negotiated with your customers.

The Buck Stops Here:
TCH will not apply a sign-up charge, set-up charge, equipment charge, supply charge, or any other kind of charge that sounds like it may be a hidden fee. We do, however, offer free settlement, free supplies, and free promotional materials.

With TCH, you'll pay only one fee when the sale occurs. For every transaction over $15 made with a TCH card, you'll pay $1. That's all. No 2% to 3% per invoice charges. It's just a buck. You do the math. Simply put, TCH is a smart choice that keeps more of your hard-earned dollars within your business where it belongs.

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